J1 Experience in times of COVID-19

When the covid19 pandemic hit the entire World, it surely brought uncertainty across the board […] High levels of precautions were put in place, to ensure the wellbeing of all J1s.

It’s only about fears and how you overcome them!

Following the Presidential Proclamation on Immigration on 22 June 2020, many Exchange Visitor’s Programs’ visas, including the J-1 has been suspended. Natalia de Isidoro, our Spain Office Director, wanted to share her story and talk about how this Proclamation will affect not only sponsors, agents and young travelers in a deep personal way but also the future of the Global world many of us were dreaming of living in.

Hospitality to Spare

Laura knows hospitality, she grew up with it.  As a little girl in Johannesburg, South Africa, she often heard her grandmother quote the bible verse “Do not neglect to show hospitality, because through it others dined with angels.”  She also knows education, both of her parents were academics. Yet Laura found herself drawn to the hospitality industry.

Exchange Day: The Journey of Cultural Exchange through Community

What connects us to one another; brings us together? The question of ‘how communities come together,’ and more importantly, ‘how communities stay together’ has always been a relevant facet of the human experience. However, with growing tensions between communities of all forms and types, colors and religions, I find the question is more pressing now than it has been in …

Supporting Exchange Programs in Washington DC | Advocacy Day March 8 2018

The Alliance Abroad team helped support international exchange during a rally in Washington DC on March 8. We were particularly happy to hear Congressman Henry “Hank” Johnson’s (D-GA) spirited defense of these programs: “Department of State international exchange programs are a proven and cost-effective way for the United States to remain internationally competitive, develop American leaders, and promote American values. …

Americans Are Already Hired

A tight labor market is causing a labor conundrum. Trump wants businesses to hire American. The trouble is they can’t, because most Americans are already working. Record low unemployment rates are causing a tight labor market.  Last month, 14 states reported an increase in hiring with two states even reporting all-time unemployment lows. The Department of Labor reported that in …