J1 Experience in times of COVID-19

When the covid19 pandemic hit the entire World, it surely brought uncertainty across the board […] High levels of precautions were put in place, to ensure the wellbeing of all J1s.

It’s only about fears and how you overcome them!

Following the Presidential Proclamation on Immigration on 22 June 2020, many Exchange Visitor’s Programs’ visas, including the J-1 has been suspended. Natalia de Isidoro, our Spain Office Director, wanted to share her story and talk about how this Proclamation will affect not only sponsors, agents and young travelers in a deep personal way but also the future of the Global world many of us were dreaming of living in.

Program by Program update amidst COVID-19 + FAQs

What will happen with your J-1 program? Our priority top is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our exchange visitors. We continue working closely with host companies and host schools, housing vendors, fellow sponsors, and the Department of State to evaluate the best course of action towards hosting the exchange programs in 2020. Meanwhile, we work to implement the best practices and recommendations of the CDC and design strong policies and procedures that will protect our exchange visitors when they are able to arrive.

The Alliance Abroad Community and COVID-19

March 10, 2020 As COVID-19 (coronavirus) and related travel restrictions make headlines worldwide, I want you to know that we are tracking this issue closely. The health and safety of our Alliance Abroad exchange visitors, host companies, their employees, customers, and communities remain our highest priorities. We pledge to keep everyone swiftly informed of any changes to programs or program …